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Passage from Home: The Erotic Awakening of a Young Intellectual
Rosenfeld, Isaac (edited by Jonathan D. Sarna; introduction by Mark Shechner)

Subject: World Literature

This outstanding family novel, set in a Jewish neighborhood of Chicago, is “the fullest articulation of the generational conflict between Jewish fathers and [sins],” writes Alexander Bloom in his 1986 book Prodigal Sons. The central character, a 15-year-old boy in …

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Pathetic Symphony: A Biographical Novel About Tchaikovsky
Mann, Klaus

Subject: World Literature

Like Mephisto, Pathetic Symphony is a novel about important artists and their milieu. Drawing his material from documented sources, and without ever distorting historical truth or sacrificing biographical accuracy for the sake of the narrative, Klaus Mann here presents a …

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People and Issues in Latin American History
Hanke, Lewis and Jane M. Rausch

Subject: Latin America, World History

This two-volume edition of People and Issues in Latin American History presents a range of sources on and interpretations of important topics in the history of Latin America that enable students to debate the historical significance of individuals and issues. …

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A People’s History of Latin America
horna front cover
Horna, Hernan

Subject: Latin American History

The history of Latin America has been written principally with a top-down approach that focuses on leaders and the privileged. Hernán Horna brings us a history that centers on the experience of Native Americans, blacks, and the poor. It examines …

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Pilgrimage to Mecca: The Indian Experience, 1500–1800
Pearson, Michael N.

Subject: Asia, Middle East, Religion

For over a thousand years, tens and hundreds of thousands of Muslim Indians have been making the pilgrimage to Mecca, the annual Hajj. In the early modern period, they followed a route over the Indian Ocean, producing an entanglement of politics, …

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Policing Accounting Knowledge: The Market for Excuses Affair
policing accounting knowledge
Puxty, Tony and Tony Tinker

Subject: Accounting

What becomes “knowledge” in accounting research is primarily what is published in leading journals. One source of contention is the extent to which the institutional structure of access to academic media affects and might spread the public validity of knowledge …

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Political Cartoons in the Middle East
Göçek, Fatma Müge

Subject: Middle East

The imagery of political cartoons provides a unique yet under-studied insight into how Middle Eastern societies think. By combining the indigenous comic tradition of shadow plays with the imported Western print form, and by drawing on both visual and verbal …

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Political Words and Ideas in Islam
Lewis, Bernard

Subject: Religion

This book brings together 11 essays on Islamic political thought by Bernard Lewis, the acknowledged doyen of Middle Eastern studies. Few historians have garnered such a broad audience as Lewis, whose works are widely read by scholars, politicians, journalists, and the general …

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Politics in a Half-Made Society: Trinidad and Tobago 1925–2001
politics in a half made society
Meighoo, Kirk

Subject: Caribbean

This book tells the story of 20th-century politics in Trinidad and Tobago, a multiracial Caribbean state located on two small islands. The enquiry begins in 1925 with the then-colony’s first elections for seats in the Legislative Council. It ends in …

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The Pond (La Charca): Puerto Rico’s 19th-Century Masterpiece
Zeno-Gandia, Manuel (preface by Kal Wagenheim; introduction by Juan Flores)

Subject: Caribbean, World Literature

Before the turn of the century, while the rich in Madrid, Paris and Rome capped their sumptuous dinners with sips of Puerto Rico’s exquisite black café, the anemic men, women and children who harvested the precious crop lived in squalid …

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