Bon Papa: Haiti’s Golden Years

This is Haiti, pearl of the Antilles, during the presidency of General Paul E. (Bon Papa) Magloire (1950-56). It was an exciting time, when Haitians stood tall, and their country flourished, as reported in the pages of the Haiti Sun newspaper. It was a time when the arts blossomed and tourists discovered a wonderful, bewitching land with the most friendly people in our hemisphere.

It was a time when President and Mrs. Paul E. Magloire were welcomed and wined and dined at the White House by President Dwight Eisenhower and Mamie Eisenhower, and yes, they slept in the Lincoln bedroom. Haiti Sun’s publisher, Bernard Diederich, who reported on and photographed the period of Bon Papa, co-authored the best-selling book Papa Doc: The Truth about Haiti Today along with Al Burt of the Miami Herald in 1968. The publisher did his very best to present a balanced and unbiased history of Haiti of the period. Those who did not live in this period will be surprised to learn of the other Haiti, the beautiful bygone Haiti in which the future was full of promise.

Bernard Diederich worked for many years as the Time magazine correspondent in the Caribbean. A full list of his works featured by Markus Wiener can be found here.