Subject: Latin America


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Tropical Diaspora: The Jewish Experience in Cuba
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Levine, Robert S.

Subject: Caribbean, Jewish History

LAJSA Best Book Prize Winner

“This unique, well-documented social history invites the reader to explore Cuban Jewry as a fascinating chronicle and to ‘capture the flavor of their lives.’ This is made possible by Levine’s ability to …

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Tropical Kitsch: Mass Media in Latin American Art and Literature
Santos, Lidia

Subject: Latin America

Named the Best Book on Brazilian Studies 2006 by the Latin American Studies Association

“Santos takes a keen look at the way mass culture has influenced artistic production in Latin America during the past 40 years. Santos …

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Trujillo: The Death of the Dictator
Diederich, Bernard

Subject: Caribbean

On May 30, 1961, a hail of bullets ended the life of Generalissimo Rafael Leonidas Trujillo, known to his countrymen as “The Goat” for his many revolting excesses, after thirty-one years of brutal rule over the Dominican Republic.

This book …

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Vanguardia Latinoamericana
Teles, Gilberto Mendonca and Klaus Muller-Burgh

Subject: Latin America, World Literature

A collection of historical documents. Volume I covers Mexico and Latin America; Volume II, the Caribbean and Antilles.

Women in Caribbean History
Shepherd, Verene

Subject: Caribbean Women's History

Early historical works portrayed women, especially those of African descent, in a sexist and racist manner. Women in Caribbean History embodies the progress of research on Caribbean women. It reveals new historical information on Caribbean women and provides detail on …

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Women in San Juan: 1820-1868
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Matos Rodríguez, Félix V.

Subject: Latin America, Caribbean

When the threat of political revolution lurked behind the shadows of the Spanish colonial state in Puerto Rico, one of the earliest casualties of anti-independence persecution in San Juan was a woman — Maria de las Mercedes Barbudo, who was …

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