Subject: Religion

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Islamism in Morocco: Religion, Authoritarianism, and Electoral Politics
Zeghal, Malika (translated by George Holoch)

Subject: Africa, Middle East, Religion

French Selection for the PEN World Voices Literary Festival

Winner of the PEN America-France Award

Malika Zeghal analyzes the historical roots and recent evolution of Moroccan Islamist movements in the context of a new political system …

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Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism
Schenker, Hillel and Ziad Abu-Zayyadis, editors

Subject: Middle East, Religion

Islamophobia and anti-Semitism, based on often-interchangeable historic stereotypes, fan the flames of fear and hatred against the “other.” Thus Jews and Muslims serve as convenient scapegoats for many of society’s ills and leaders’ misguided agendas. In the post-9/11 world, the …

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Jews and Judaism in African History
Hull, Richard

Subject: Africa, Religion, Middle East, Jewish Studies

This timely book is the first to cover the history of Jews from the times of Alexander the Great and Caesar to Idi Amin and Nelson Mandela. Jews have often been a marginalized minority, yet they have played a role in …

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Jews of a Saharan Oasis: The Elimination of the Tamantit Community
Hunwick, John

Subject: Africa, Religion, Jewish Studies, Middle East

“Jews spread out from Israel into northern Africa after the Roman destruction of much of Jerusalem in 70 C.E. and settled in Saharan oases. Although there was no love for Jews after the birth of Islam five centuries later, Muslim …

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Jews of Nigeria: An Afro-Judaic Odyssey
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Miles, William F. S.

Subject: Africa, Religion, Jewish Studies

While Jews have long had a presence in Ethiopia and the Maghreb, Africa’s newest Jewish community of note is in Nigeria, where upwards of twenty thousand Igbos are commonly claimed to have adopted Judaism. Bolstered by customs recalling an Israelite …

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Jihad: A History in Documents (2016 Expanded Edition)
Jihad coverjpg
Peters, Rudolph F.

Subject: Religion, Middle East

This updated and expanded 2016 edition of the classic text on Muslim thinking about war and peace features new chapters on jihad after 9/11, including translations and analyses of fatwas from ISIS and al-Qaeda.

“Helps us understand the wider social and moral senses of jihad.” — Library …

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Kabul Under Siege: Fayz Muhammad’s Account of the 1929 Uprising
Muhammad, Fayz (translated by R. D. McChesney)

Subject: Middle East

In January 1929, the reigning monarch of Afghanistan, Amir Aman Allah Khan, was driven from his capital by a former soldier turned outlaw. The uprising was a response to the ruler’s attempts to modernize the tribal culture of Afghanistan. Kabul, …

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Kurds A Divided Nation in Search of a State 2019 Edition
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Gunter Michael M.

Subject: Middle Eastern History, Middle East

Donald Trump betrayed the Kurds, America’s most reliable allies in the fight against ISIS, by announcing in a tweet that US troops would withdraw from Syria. Betrayal is nothing new in Kurdish history, especially by Western powers. The Kurds, a …

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Law and Society in Islam
Stewart, Devin J., Baber Johansen, and Amy Singer

Subject: Religion

This book covers significant themes explaining the practice of Islamic law.

The first essay treats taqiyyah (literally, “caution”), the concealment of one’s religion when to reveal it would incur danger, which is based on a Koranic passage. The author provides …

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Modern Iran: A History in Documents
Modern Iran
Nabavi, Negin

Subject: Middle Eastern History


 Covering the period from the early nineteenth century to the present day, Modern Iran: A History in Documents brings   together primary sources in translation that shed light on aspects of the political, social, cultural, and intellectual history of   modern Iran. It …

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